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James Middleton, CP - Prosthetics


Ernestine Crookedneck - Office Assistant, Ostomy Specialist, Prosthetic Tech


Megan Hughes- Office Assistant, Ostomy Specialist, Prosthetic Tech



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Rimrock Prosthetics, Inc.: Expertise Based on Experience

Jim established Rimrock Prosthetics in May of 2006.  Rimrock Prosthetics, Inc. stands out from the rest with our many years of experience in the industry and a caring, highly professional approach. The breadth of our knowledge and services allows us to offer high quality and personal service, which are attributes sure to please even the most discerning of customers.  True comfort and function is our highest priority, as everything is customized to each client.

Meet Our Staff

Jim Middleton



Education & Activities

Jim graduated with honors from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Prosthetics and is an American Board Certified Practitioner.  Jim completed his accredited residency at the University of Michigan Orthotic and Prosthetic Center.

The University of Michigan Orthotics and Prosthetics Center, a division of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, has a long history of providing high quality residencies for orthotic and prosthetic program graduates.  

Outside of the office, Jim is actively involved in the community through Eagle Mount activities year round with the winter skiing program and the summer cycling program.  In previous years, Jim has participated in several programs throughout the U.S. such as Winter Park skiing instruction in Colorado.

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