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James Middleton, CP - Prosthetics


Ernestine Crookedneck - Office Assistant, Ostomy Specialist, Prosthetic Tech


Megan Hughes- Office Assistant, Ostomy Specialist, Prosthetic Tech



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Services: Comprehensive and Individual

An Overview of Our Services

  • Prosthetics
  • Ostomy

Rimrock Prosthetics serves the prosthetic needs of clients throughout Montana and the surrounding areas.  Our vision is to help our clients “take the next step” on the path toward a more fulfilling life.  We accomplish this goal by providing excellent service and high tech prosthetic devices along with various options in the cosmetic design of the prosthesis including custom socket design.  Your comfort and satisfaction are our priority; therefore, our service continues beyond the delivery of your device with follow-up care provided to ensure your continued satisfaction.  Don’t go another day with pain and discomfort; check out the services we offer for you to gain true comfort and function.


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We would be happy to give you more details regarding our services. Please contact us at 406-252-6100 or use our contact form.

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